Nashville, tn
November 6-8

This fall 2015, we're having a full-on Nashville Area camping trip.

Complete with:
-rock climbing at the ever awesome Climb Nashville
-hiking, exploring, campfire-ing
-tent camping
-whiskey tasting
-gourmet camp food (seriously, we'll have a personal chef)
-the 1st Official DPW Hatchet Throwing Championships (hey, this is serious business. There's awards and stuff.)
-of course, renewed manly vigor

And then there's also this place....

That's all I'm going to say about that for now. Just know that it exists and that we're going there.

Dude Pow-Wow is a chance to gain some creative "white-space" in your life.
If that sounds like something you need, then you should be there.

You should come to Dude Pow-Wow because you want to be invigorated. If you want to be challenged and grow with a group of incredible guys. If you want to share your ideas, get out of your comfort zone, and connect with other creatives from different fields. If you want to get outside and hit the reset button.

DPW 2015 in Nashville
from 125.00

Full Weekend Pass Price Includes:

  1. Campsite Fees
  2. 3 Breakfast meals, 2 Dinner Meals, and Lots Of Snackage*
  3. Admission To Soar Adventure Tower
  4. Rock Climbing Experience
  5. Craft Cocktails
  6. Whiskey Tasting

Day-Pass Prices include:

  1. Admission to that day's activities
  2. The chosen day's meals*

*meals out are not included in DPW pass prices. Plan for 2 meals out over the weekend.

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